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Q. How Long Have You Been Into Photography?

十三歲時我踏進攝影世界,那是1958年,父親駐守在日本立川空軍部隊。我用從暑期工儲起的部份工錢購買了人生第一 35mm 旁軸相機。我不清楚什麼驅使我這樣做,但從此便經常拍,還以 35mm Kodachrome 幻燈片拍了不少作品。 七十年代初,我在一間相片沖曬店工作了數年,自此對攝影更熱愛;我還上了一個黑白沖印 研習班,也開始使用中片幅(Koni-OmegaFlexM)和大片幅(4×5及5×7)的相機。到八十年代 初,我組織了小家庭,不得不把熱愛的攝影擱置在一旁,但我仍使用一部小小的Rollei 35 繼續拍。至到九十年代中,我才重拾攝影興趣。

Q. Why do you choose this particular type of leather, and where did you get your inspiration of this kind of design ?

當時,我在朋友的一間專門造皮包和腰帶的皮具店(Ace Leather Goods),當他在為
時另一位朋友,當年他已使用一條幼身的皮相機帶在一部徠卡 M3上。他認為這就是一

Q. What Kind Of Cameras Do You Use ?

“ There are those who do fine with one camera and one lens. I am not one of those. ”

When I started back into photography in the 1990s I didn’t have money for new cameras so I bought old ones. What I discovered was that if a camera was able to take great photographs when it was new then it still could take great photographs. We are conditioned by the camera manufacturers to think that only the newest models will take good pictures, that when the new cameras come out all the old ones suddenly can’t take pictures anymore. Not true! Remember that great photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Walker Evans started out with a Leica I that didn’t even have a rangefinder. They took some great pictures with that camera. The other advantage of buying old cameras is that, for the same amount of money for one new camera, you can buy many old ones! My favorite film size is 120 medium format. Right now my walk around camera is a 1946 Kodak Medalist II with a negative size of 6x9cm as does my Mamiya Universal kit from the 1970s. I also have some square format (6x6cm) cameras such as a Ricoh Diacord Twin Lens Reflex and a Mamiya 6 rangefinder folder both from the early 1950s. I also like large format cameras. I am currently using a 1970s vintage 4×5 Toyo D45M and I am restoring an Eastman View No. 2 8×10 made between 1914 and 1920. The lenses I have for these cameras range from a 210mm Schneider Apo-Symmar f5.6 from the 1980s (my newest) to a 9” Voigtlander Petzval made in 1869 (my oldest), just 30 years after the invention of photography. My favorite 35mm camera is the 1949 Leica IIIc rangefinder my Grandfather gave me. I also have a Leica Standard from 1935, one without the rangefinder. My 35mm single lens reflexes are a Pentax Spotmatic SP and a Pentax Spotmatic SP F with a fairly complete range of lenses from 17mm to 300mm. I even have some subminiature cameras like a Minox B and an Olympus Pen D half-frame 35mm. Even though I like to use film I scan the film and I print on a pigment inkjet printer. I do some black and white but I prefer color. Printing color in the 1970s was very frustrating. I was always unhappy with the results. I’m very happy now with the color prints coming off my inkjet printer. I bought my first digital camera in 1998, an Olympus D-600L. 1.3 megapixels! Now I use a Panasonic Lumix G1 with a M39 adapter for my Leica lenses and a M42 adapter for my Pentax screw mount lenses. I use the Panasonic for my commercial product photography and for stitched panoramas and for macro work. I like using different cameras from different times and with different formats since they force me to see things differently. It’s also interesting to experience some of the cameras that my photography heroes used.

These are just a few of the cameras I have. So many cameras, so little time!

Meet the Gordy's Team


The making of the straps start with Robby. He cuts the hides into straps. He also makes the pads, strap bumpers, and tripod screws. He drops the supplies off at our assembler’s homes and picks up finished straps. Then he becomes our shipping department and packages and mails the camera straps. Robby also happens to be Gordy’s saxaphone playing son. In the summer he can be found at all the music festivals in the Northwest.


Kim has been with gordy’s camera straps the longest (except for Gordy). She trains our assemblers, oversees quality control, and puts the orders together for the assemblers. In the spring and summer Kim can be found in her garden.


Tassa is one of our assemblers making gordy straps. She grew up on whidbey Island where she mostly learned to play well with others. She became a barista in Seattle, worked at a theater company in Brooklyn, made pizza and learned to tango on Maui, and then studied french pastry in France and Port Townsend, Washington. Tassa is now a proud member of the Gordy Strap team and has an obsession with cats and learning the secrets of the universe.


Briar is one of our assemblers making gordy straps. She is another passionate gardner, originally from New Zealand.


Jenny is our Director of Customer Happiness. She sends shipping notices, and answers customer’s questions. She also runs our Facebook page and keeps the books. She is the only member of our team not living on Whidbey Island but she did grow up here. She is Gordy’s eldest daughter. When not working behind the scenes for gordy’s camera straps she is herding 3 dogs, 2 kids, and a husband in the Army at Vilseck, Germany who is keeping us safe. She is also an iphoneographer, and a good one!